Friday, February 25, 2011

Shingles -part deux

Greets All,

After a debate with herself, Gail went to work today & by the day's end was just feeling  horrible. She came home & went to bed for a bit. Her shingles themselves have not spread more nor have they procced any open wounds, but she has a lot of muscle pain due to the shingle virus. I thought we caught it early enough, but probably not. Hopefully, her antibiotic will kick in fast!

We got her medical alert bracelet in the mail today. FAST delivery & it is exactly what we ordered. is a good company. Cayleigh has the spare bracelet without the engraved info on right now. Too cute.

We chatted yesterday about what & when we'll Cayleigh about our Dana Farber trip. We figure after our last cheer competition, which still gives her a solid week or so before-hand to understand that Mommy's blood is bothering her and we're going on a lil' trip to figure out what to do.

After canceling plans we made with Penny, Charee-Charèè & Samara, I ended up running out with Cayleigh while Gail slept to pick up Chinese for dins at our no MSG favorite place. Gail ate, took her meds & is in bed for the night. I think I'm almost as tired, though I wish I could deal with her pain for her. Hate not being able to do more for her.

I'm looking to make her a t-shirt. Our gym's owner & good friend, Mindi, told Gail that "she's a VIPER. She can handle it." So, I got permission to use the VIPER logo from the gym & am trying to find a company that'll make 1 shirt for under $25. Wish the new printers worked like the old ones. I used to make t-shirts all the time with ink-jet iron-on transparency paper. The new stuff doesn't work. :| Any1 know anybody that would make 1 with a logo & 1 line of text on a decent white t-shirt without charging me more than dinner for 3?

Anyhow -just remembered that tomorrow is my 42nd b-date. Am glad to be here, but just doesn't seem like a focus for me this year.

Thanks for all your prayers & support all. It's REALLY appreciated!


  1. The bracelets are wonderful. I just loved how you gave one to Cayleigh. What a perfect thing to do! How did you both so much wisdom?


    Joe and I regret that we can not be with you to help you celebrate. If you were in Houston, we would take you to the Houston Rodeo Parade.

    GAIL! We pray that your episode of dreaded shingles end quickly.


  2. Happy Birthday Mike! Get a cake and balloons and let Cayleigh make a big deal out of it for you -- kids love celebrating birthdays!

    Hope Gail beats the singles soon -- those are no fun... she needs lots of rest so she can tackle the MF.

    hugs to you all!