Saturday, February 19, 2011


Gail is getting her birthdate massage & manicure/pedicure! Cayleigh just woke from a nap -she did a lot of work this morning on her weather project. Gail has some VERY minor side effects, such as some muscle/skin soreness to the touch & a couple of little itty-bitty red dots, but this is most likely due to the combination of ZPAC & HYDROXYUREA. She started a MEDROL pack yesterday & the symptoms are better. She also stopped the ZPAC -it wa preventative anyhow due to Cayleigh coming home with Strep mid-week.

I downloaded the 30-day trial of APPLE'S NUMBERS spreadsheet program and it has become the solution to the dreaded multi-category chart/graph issue that EXCEL creates with regard to creating different row graphs with different conditions per row!
I'd like to thank Victor & Stephanie at APPLE for giving me the info on the trial.

I had downloaded a little app called iBloodwork, but it wasn't useful for more than 3 categories. Most of the other bloodtracking/bloodwork programs are for blood sugar/Diabetes, so they weren't helpful.

It took me about :30 to set up the mins/maxes and set up the info./graphs for White Blood Count, Red Blood Count, Platelets, HemoGlobin and HematoCrit. SO easy to use.

Happy Birthdate Joe!

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