Sunday, February 13, 2011

Possible Minor Side Effects Begin 2-13-2011

2-13-2011: On Thursday, 2-3, Gail began Hydroxyurea (light chemo) to help
lower platelet counts to support spleen and blood.

Possible side effect began today, 2-13, with Gail saying her skin “hurts”.
There are no marks, sores or bleeding. She also says her muscles are sore
a bit. Both these symptoms could be unrelated and just part of turning 40
the day before. ;).

Tuesday, we go to our local hematologist for our 2-week since diagnosed
PMF (Primary MyeloFibrosis) follow-up. Wish us luck!

2-12-2011: Happy 40th Gail!!!! You still look 20 to me. Cayleigh went to
lunch with Aunt Ceri today while we scooted to...

We went to lunch with Bonnie & Joe. WHAT a cool pair of people! Both gave
us some great information and were QUITE supportive. It's funny that we
are quite parellel with our personalities and our marriages, etc. We are
keeping you in our thoughts and prayers as you trek to treatment!

Afterwards, we went to watch Owen earn his Yellow Belt at a mixed martial
arts dojo! later, we went to Japanese with Joy (1 of Gail's "sisters") and
Gary, her cool hubby. I'm just glad Gail had a great day!

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  1. Congratulations on setting up your blog. Down the road you will be surprise how much it helps you in knowing what happened when.

    It was wonderful meeting you both though we look forward to meeting Caleigh in the future. Your positI've attitudes and sense of humor will carry you well on your journey. There is always somethIng good when the bad happens.

    As we follow the yellow brick road to Houston, you will be in our thoughts and prayers. With your blog people will know what to pray for specifically.

    Your MF caregiver friend,
    Bonnie Evans